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By Joyce | Nov 03, 2011

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Monday, April 17,2017 | report as abuse - Ionut
Sunday, November 22,2015 | abuse - Niki Lawal
Tuesday, January 13,2015 | abuse - Rebecca
"When I walked into your town hall at Macy\'s I kept asking myself, why was I going? I am not someone who has time to sit in on a meet and greet, I need to show and prove why I was given the new position I am currently in.
Within 5 minutes of listening to your story and putting a name to the voices that were and are hiding inside my head I was sitting in tears in the back of the room. At that moment I wanted to move to the front row but the room was filled with too many others who were finally relieved to be diagnosed by someone who was suffering the same symptoms. For too many years I questioned why colleagues would concur with me, if I was set up, am I at the meeting because it was protocol to have me included in certain decision making. From now on, I will silence those voices, accept compliments and use them to give merit to my status. Also thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me outside the building while you waited. It added value to the notion that you are a real, relate-able person that I can compare myself to with reachable obtainable dreams."
Monday, December 08,2014 | abuse - Diagnosed & Recovering
"I am on the board of the Home Depot Interiors Women Connecting Women Group and we will be ordering 75 of your books this week for all of our members.

Because everyone has a story and every story is better when it's shared, we have selected your story "The Empress Has No Clothes" as our next book to read and discuss together.

We are a dynamic and diverse group of women that all work for Home Depot Interiors. We are spread out across the country but unite through WCW to discuss issues we all face both personally as well as professionally.

We are still a fairly new group with a goal of creating a highly engaged community that will foster the development female talent within our organization. We are hoping that your book will offer some insight and address some of the issues we all have in common.

Looking forward to the book.

-Coy "
Wednesday, June 25,2014 | report as abuse - Coy
"I suffer from this badly. For a long time the fear of failure drove me to such an extent that I rose through the ranks quickly but at a certain point it began getting in my way. When faced with very senior people I would come off my opinion too quickly or agree with their position just to escape the situation, making me seem weak. If you can afford it see a therapist as it\'s important to understand the root cause which is typically rooted in childhood. In my case I was constantly compared unfavorably to my academically gifted brother by both my Father and teachers and told I would never do as well as him. The most important things I practice are to take risks by doing things you\'d normally avoid and seeing how it works out. For example speak up in a meeting when you have an idea, disagree, take that presentation opportunity and see if the result is really as bad as you imagine. More often than not it works out well and gives you the confidence to do it again. If you don\'t take risks and keep avoiding opportunities you\'ll never know what you\'re capable of."
Friday, May 23,2014 | report as abuse - Roy
"I just started a new job 3 months ago amd I am suffering from these feelings right now. Thank God I happened to hear about the book. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way."
Wednesday, April 02,2014 | report as abuse - Laura M
"This looks like what I need!
Do you ever speak on the West coast?"
Thursday, January 30,2014 | report as abuse - Lori McConnell
"I scored 30 on your test. I live with the fear every day of losing my job when they figure out I don't know what I'm doing, and I don't have the capabilities/skills needed for the job. It creates a tremendous amount of anxiety that I have trouble dealing with. Mediation helps but it's a temporary help... until the next situation comes along. "
Friday, January 24,2014 | report as abuse - Betsy
"I told all the little children I was a pro"
Sunday, December 29,2013 | report as abuse - carcyn
"I never heard this kind of syndrome, but I knew that there were something unusual in myself compared to my peers. Till just i knew that I have this impostor syndrome/phenomenon. i scored 30 from the test. I really need to overcome this since it ruining my study life. "
Tuesday, October 29,2013 | abuse - Myra
"By reaching a score that I was not surprised by - 21, it put a realization in place that had not been there. I knew I had feelings but didn't realize how common it is and how to transform those feelings into something empowering. Thank you!"
Friday, October 11,2013 | report as abuse - Shannon
"I still need a game plan."
Thursday, October 10,2013 | report as abuse - Karen Kavin
"Just took the quiz and scored 20. I have suffered from impostor syndrome since grad school, and it often manifests itself as making me physically sick to my stomach, particularly before important presentations or other high-stakes events. I don't know how much success I will need to experience in my life to get over it."
Thursday, October 10,2013 | report as abuse - Linda
"I was considering 2 career moves within my company during a re-organization. I consulted with a female VP that I had worked with before for some mentoring. She called it out "You have Impostor Syndrome" because one of the opportunities presented was a very new role for me. She reminded me "do you think I have mastered every new job I've accepted prior to starting? No." Good reminder."
Thursday, October 10,2013 | report as abuse - Jessica Rose
"Mrs. Roche' thank you for speaking with us on Friday 10/4/13 at the ERG Forum. Thank you for naming what it is that is holding me back. Thank you for holding up a mirror to my own self doubt. I can't wait to read the book."
Wednesday, October 09,2013 | report as abuse - Micki Burton
"Thank you for writing your book! It truly resonanted with me and not just because I'm also a fellow New Orleanian...Other books that speak to women and managing your career discuss it as being an internal issue but more so with wiring. For instance, "leaving the job before actually leaving" because they are interested in beginning a family. For some women, this may be true. What I appreciate about your book is that it digs deeper. I am not sure because it speaks to the minority woman's experience or not but some of us leave because we do not feel like we are supposed to be there and there is nothing in the corporate arena that demonstrates otherwise. I know with my experience at Accenture I entered the organization at a level lower than what I should have based on my educational background as a Tulane MBA and 3 years of work experience. While I did not allow for that to influence my experience it was an unspoken influencer. I was already undervalued. I came to Accenture to work in their strategy practice and gain international business experience. That did not happen. And to top it off I was physically assaulted and publically humiliated by a Manager and was forced to sweep it under the rug.

Similar to Ms. Debra Lee's story, I think a number of minority women experience the imposter syndrome due to racism issues and having had experienced years of negative actions.

The case of feeling and believing like you don't belong regardless of achievements, abilities or drive is ever existing. I am just very excited about your book and I would love to know if you will be doing any sort of speaking tour. I just ask that if so, please consider holding sessions at the university level and then also consider non-HBCU institutions as well.

I could go on and on but I just want to let you know that your book was inspirationational and came to me at a time of need. Honestly, I was in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble praying for guidance and really just needing something to get me unstuck and reenergized. Then I came across your book.

I wish the best to you and hope to have success in my career like yourself. Having found a way to turn this imposter syndrome into an opportunity as opposed to a crisis.

Sincerest regards"
Wednesday, October 02,2013 | report as abuse - Ishaneka Williams
Saturday, August 24,2013 | report as abuse - Vinay Kumar
"Hi, I'm in the uk and saw your bit on the Vistage website, very interesting but when I clicked on the link to do the quiz it takes me to a semi blank page on your site. Can you send me the link please. Many thanks Jon"
Thursday, July 25,2013 | abuse - Jon Herbert
Thankyou for being on WPR today. I heard a rerun of the show tonight on the way home from work. This syndrome fits me to a tee. Instead of economics, gender, or race, I feel my issue has to do with my weight. I am a size 18, not huge but not tiny in the world of fashion....Thanks again, I'll buy the book this week.

Monday, July 22,2013 | abuse - Tracey Krebs
Tuesday, July 16,2013 | abuse - Mike
"Okay I must admit that I had never heard of the Impostor Syndrome until I ran across your site. This hits close to home... so thanks for sharing!"
Tuesday, June 25,2013 | abuse - Cassandra Mills
"I've been meaning to post, but I must say that your story is incredible, and I will be ordering the book this week. "
Sunday, June 23,2013 | report as abuse - Linda Young
Sunday, June 09,2013 | report as abuse - Carolina Pedre
"currently have opportunity to move from admin role to paralegal role in medical device legal patent department - your message is point on!"
Wednesday, June 05,2013 | abuse - Jennifer Dorn
"Just received my score and I think that is was spot on"
Tuesday, June 04,2013 | report as abuse - Brandon Thomas
"I made a 19, your questions really gave me a reality check."
Saturday, June 01,2013 | report as abuse - Chris comeaux
"Reading your story and taking the Sample Test has really opened my eyes about a lot of things and I hope to be able to win a book!"
Saturday, June 01,2013 | report as abuse - Rashad Rucker
"I received an 11, think you for let me take the test."
Friday, May 31,2013 | report as abuse - Christopher Clark
"Great article from Publisher's Weekly. Congrats Mrs Roche!"
Wednesday, May 22,2013 | report as abuse - Jon Webster
"Thank you so much! "
Thursday, May 16,2013 | report as abuse - amarie
"This is a great tool to use for individuals who struggle with self actualization. A lot of the times we get in the way of our own success and I too have experienced a level of \"Impostor Syndrome\" by self doubting my potential in the past. I use to be a little too humbling at times by over looking and playing down my gifts trying not to \"prove\" that I am great at what I do when in fact I am! I learned that doubt comes only from inside of our own heads and can easily pass as inspiration/motivation comes in!!! "
Saturday, May 11,2013 | report as abuse - YaSheeka Sutton
"Joyce I received an 18 and was able to discover a lot of things about myself that I did not know. I thank you for that "
Wednesday, May 01,2013 | report as abuse - Sharon Clarke
"Mrs Roche, thanks for sharing your story with us. It is very inspiring and motivating. Your biography speaks volumes -Katrina "
Wednesday, April 24,2013 | report as abuse - Katrina Johnson
"Mrs Roche, thanks for sharing your story with us. It is very inspiring and motivating. Your biography speaks volumes -Katrina "
Wednesday, April 24,2013 | report as abuse - Katrina Johnson
"Mrs Roche, thanks for sharing your story with us. It is very inspiring and motivating. Your biography speaks volumes -Katrina "
Wednesday, April 24,2013 | report as abuse - Katrina Johnson
"Okay I got a17 on the sample test"
Monday, April 22,2013 | report as abuse - Robert Clark
"Checked out your book description on Amazon & I will be pre-ordering it soon. I made a 19 on the test btw"
Friday, April 19,2013 | report as abuse - Von Greene
"Helpful and informative site. I received a 17 on the test"
Tuesday, April 16,2013 | report as abuse - Aaron Peters
"Very informative & Captivating. Got a 18 on the sample test an I will pre order your book"
Friday, April 12,2013 | report as abuse - Thomas Burns
"Hi I received a 17 on your test & it forced me to evaluate situations that I would've overlooked. "
Wednesday, April 10,2013 | report as abuse - Stacey Kennedy
"I obtained a great score and I will encourage my co-workers to take your test as will. Thanks for sharing!"
Friday, April 05,2013 | report as abuse - Mary Jane Broussard
"I actually ran across your site via twitter. You posted a tweet that I thought was interesting and I was intrigued to learn more. Haven't had a chance to take the quiz yet but I will do later on tonight"
Monday, April 01,2013 | report as abuse - Stephanie Warren
"Great articles. I scored a 17 and I will pass along to co-workers & friends"
Friday, March 29,2013 | report as abuse - Angela Brown-Johnson
"Joyce, I concur what you are saying and I think you are doing a fantastic job by opening up the world about your struggle. You are a movement. -Ronnie"
Saturday, March 23,2013 | report as abuse - Ronnie Burns
"I GOT A 15!!! HAPPY DANCE!!! Ok seriously, I was a little worried because I do sometimes struggle with feeling inferior to my counterparts. This has been quite the journey for me."
Wednesday, March 20,2013 | report as abuse - Monica Ross
"Joyce I scored a 16 on your quiz and I will be purchasing your book from Barnes & Noble and buy and extra copy 4 my friends. Love ur twitter posts by the way b/c they are so positive :-)"
Monday, March 18,2013 | report as abuse - Brian Harrison
Saturday, March 16,2013 | report as abuse - Erica Bartales
"Score was a 19. I followed the instructions and didn\'t second guess myself. At least I went with my first mind. I will be purchasing your book. Thanks"
Wednesday, March 13,2013 | report as abuse - Alicia Waiters-Graves
"Geesh my score is a 21 so I have ALOT of work to do. I know I\'m not the only one LOL. Ok I\'m fine. Thanks for sharing!!! "
Wednesday, March 13,2013 | report as abuse - Julie Stalworth
"Hello my score was a 16 which means that I have things to work on. Great quiz by the way"
Monday, March 11,2013 | report as abuse - Margie Johnson
"I got a 14, which is a nice average feeling. I wish it was lower."
Sunday, March 10,2013 | report as abuse - Jarrell Sanchez
"I stubbed across your site from twitter. Someone retweeted one of your uplifting quotes and I decided to explore & see what you were all about. After reading your biography and what your book is about, I must say that I am very impressed. Although I am Caucasian, I still can relate to some of your challenges, simply by being a woman. I'll continue to follow your amazing journey & best of luckk. -Stephanie "
Wednesday, February 27,2013 | report as abuse - Stephanie Rogers
"For some reason, our society seems fixated on exposure. This could be the reason for our current feelings of inadequacy."
Sunday, February 17,2013 | report as abuse - Brandon Marks
"Hey, Ms. Joyce. I wanted to know if you will be putting up more articles. I've read the current ones several times, and I would love to get more insight into these topics."
Friday, February 15,2013 | report as abuse - Jarrell Sanchez
"Mrs. Roche your story is phenomenal! First, let me please start by saying congratulations to all of your achievements. Your biography speaks volumes and I am very inspired. The changes that you've faced and how you managed to keep moving forward has inspired me to keep trucking ahead. Please keep posting the amazing tweets on twitter that you do because I look forward to reading them everyday! Your tweets are so positive & inspiring just like you."
Sunday, February 10,2013 | report as abuse - Misty O'Connor
"Hey there pretty lady. You speak with a fine head on your shoulders. I like your passion for helping others."
Friday, February 01,2013 | report as abuse - Byron Holmes
"It's about time someone spoke up for us black women!"
Sunday, January 27,2013 | report as abuse - Stacey Griffith
"Everyone should just be themselves, not what society wants."
Saturday, January 19,2013 | report as abuse - Bradley Parker
"I like this article. Please write more."
Saturday, January 19,2013 | report as abuse - Vanessa Evans Rose
"It is the elegance of a duck's float that draws people to want to emulate it, but as with anything, one should never fully embody it."
Wednesday, January 09,2013 | report as abuse - Sasha Rose
"It is very wise to constantly be self-reflective."
Thursday, January 03,2013 | report as abuse - Barbara Lopez
"Joyce thanks so much for sharing your fabulous insight! I can definitely relate to you, being one of the few African Americans, not to mention women at my firm, and how intimidating it can be at times with your white counterparts. This makes me hold my head a little higher knowing that I am not alone. Well wishes from Tucson, AZ! "
Thursday, January 03,2013 | report as abuse - Chelli Rollins
"Happy New Year Miss Joyce! Please continue to bring positivity to the world through your writing."
Monday, December 31,2012 | report as abuse - Myron Watkins
"That makes me proud to be a woman in a field dominated by men."
Saturday, December 29,2012 | report as abuse - Stephanie Matthews
"It's kind of the same way for black men as it is for black women. We're stuck in a paradigm of what I am makes what I do, instead of who I am."
Friday, December 28,2012 | report as abuse - Jacob Ruffin
"I like what you are speaking about."
Thursday, December 27,2012 | report as abuse - Kelly Brown
"Wow... "You have to take the biggest risk you can take; you have to take a risk from yourself." Powerful words Ms. Roche"
Thursday, December 20,2012 | report as abuse - Andrew Leary
"You have a lovely speaking voice and I believe, truly believe, what you say. I must share this with my mother."
Sunday, December 16,2012 | report as abuse - Carlito Vasquez
"In other cases, it's their sexual orientation that trigger those feelings of ineptitude. We need to find a way to combat all of it."
Sunday, December 16,2012 | report as abuse - Andre Wilson
"In all my years, I never got this valuable information. This certainly would have been helpful before my retirement. I hope other people take heed to your advice."
Saturday, December 15,2012 | report as abuse - Tameka Ware
"Ugh I wish I could see this video on my phone. I would love to hear you speak on this issue. I guess I'll just listen to it when I get off work and get home."
Tuesday, December 11,2012 | report as abuse - Jessica Jupiter
"Thanks Ms. Joyce for the knowledge. It's really comforting to know that I am not the only one who has struggled with my self esteem while working in corporate America"
Wednesday, November 14,2012 | report as abuse - Marlon Greene
"I like very much the duck. Very good analogy."
Sunday, November 11,2012 | report as abuse - Peter Yakimura
"I really like the comparison to ducks and their usual uniformity with that of a person wanting to fit in to the status quo."
Thursday, November 08,2012 | report as abuse - Brittany McEntire
"I feel like an imposter sometimes with my studies. I'm always studying and have no social life. But I know it's worth it in the end, but I also know who I am inside. I like to dance and get down with my bad self, but no. I just study."
Wednesday, October 10,2012 | report as abuse - Jennifer Hodges
"I agree with what you said, especially about the imposter syndrome driving people to success. Oftentimes I do find myself needing to prove that I got the chops to make it, so I go above and beyond in my job."
Wednesday, October 10,2012 | report as abuse - Matthew Smith
"I completely agree with what you are saying. It's a common thing with people of all races, genders, and orientations."
Saturday, September 29,2012 | report as abuse - Katherine Blaise
"Sometimes I blend in with the other girls, but also stand out through my expressions while dancing. I guess that is what you mean by floating like a duck but also being unafraid to not be so status quo...."
Thursday, September 20,2012 | report as abuse - Alisa David
"I used to read that story when I was young, and I know exactly what you mean about having that little voice saying that you aren't doing right. You just gotta push that aside and focus on your career :-)"
Sunday, September 09,2012 | report as abuse - Bettina Johnson
"I like to be the mysterious type and just blend in with the crowd. It gives me a great sense of anonymity when I do speak out and express my thoughts. I like being liked, but you're right. I shouldn't jeopardize my individuality for that."
Wednesday, September 05,2012 | report as abuse - Justin Layne
""Gotta know when to blend in and when to stand out." That's what I got from this article. In my line of business, though, I have to stand out."
Monday, August 20,2012 | report as abuse - George Harris
"My path has not been an easy one, but I still feel like I should not be where I am. I feel as if everyone's in on a joke where I'm the center of it. That's why I keep to myself unless it's a part of my job."
Saturday, August 18,2012 | report as abuse - Rachael Gordon
"What you are saying is so true. I've only been in this industry for a couple of months and I have walked on more runways than some girls that have been here for years, but I always look in the mirror and turn to look at the girl next to me and think that she's what they want, not me. I'm just lucky that I'm not my own judge in the modeling world; the designers are :-)"
Saturday, August 11,2012 | report as abuse - Breanna Alonzo
"i love that story. I have read it many times. I also like the segue between that story and your article. Yes, it is true that oftentimes I am plagued with those thoughts, but my students remind every day of why I made it thus far."
Saturday, July 28,2012 | report as abuse - Elisabeth Shay
"It's hilarious how much I can see this problem in my life. I've been in the workforce for 30 years now, and I have had many experiences with feeling like my promotion was not because of my abilities, but because of the corporation's risk in appointing me."
Saturday, July 28,2012 | report as abuse - Victoria Conners
"I can totally relate to this. In meetings, even with my own circle of workers, I sometimes feel as if someone else is more deserving of my position. It's like "Who am I to dictate instructions?" But that negativity will only cause a person to fail, so I just keep up with a mantra of "I can do this. I earned it.""
Thursday, July 26,2012 | report as abuse - Monica Alonzo
"I\'ve always wondered about things like this. What my attitude should be, and how it will affect my mindset and the mindset of those around me."
Thursday, July 26,2012 | report as abuse - Sierra Lavigne
"It is true that we must be wary of who we are, but it is wise to also look towards each other for support. I hope to one day meet you Ms. Joyce. You give me hope."
Tuesday, July 24,2012 | report as abuse - Deborah Johnson
"It's amazing how many times I've doubted myself and my abilities, but I still pushed through the doubts. I want to one day be a mentor to young children that dream of becoming businessmen and businesswomen. I want to show them what I have accomplished in spite of my growing concerns. They can be successful if they continue to persevere."
Monday, July 16,2012 | report as abuse - Brandon Barnes
"Quack quack. I do struggle with myself wanting to just pass the mark, but I need to exceed the mark. As a supervisor, I must instill my knowledge into the employees that I manage. So, if I learn to exceed the mark, then my subordinates shall do the same. Thank you for that article."
Wednesday, July 04,2012 | report as abuse - Justin Marshall
"Now, I have an excuse to take pictures with a duck face heehee. On a serious note, you make so much sense. It's very necessary for us, as professionals, to steer clear of a defeatist mentality. If we believe we have to do the bare minimum to "glide" through, then we limit ourselves."
Thursday, June 28,2012 | report as abuse - Jasmine Sanchez
"A lot of the time, I do feel like I am trying to prove my worth as a student to my family. Where I come from, education is sacred, only being accessible to the male population. But I am learning that, because I have taken the initiative to better myself with an education, I am bettering my family."
Wednesday, June 27,2012 | report as abuse - Rebecca Ajram
"All of life I have felt like an outcast, especially attending private schools and being a Hispanic person. I had realize that even though everyone might had not looked like me, I was indeed just as worthy as my counterparts and co-workers. "
Wednesday, May 23,2012 | report as abuse - Allison Lopez
"I ran across your site via Google and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I dealt with a lot of insecurities during my years in undergrad and law school, and I must say that it wasn't easy. It feels good to know that someone else like me made it through. "
Tuesday, March 20,2012 | report as abuse - Jamie Scott
"Great website & outstanding discussions on here. I will pass this on to my children & thanks for addressing these issues Joyce. Keep striving for the stars"
Friday, March 09,2012 | report as abuse - Connie Daniels
"When I was in law school, I felt like I wasn't good enough, and I did not belong there. After talking over with a few of my classmates, I realized that they too were dealing with the same issues as I was. It really helped to open my eyes and see that I wasn't the only person who has going through this."
Monday, March 05,2012 | report as abuse - Phil Waters
"I think everyone goes through a period in their lives when they feel that they are not good enough for certain opportunities, or people. What matters most is how a person manages to see that they are in fact worthy of such positions just as you did. Fantastic Story!"
Monday, March 05,2012 | report as abuse - Sarah Telley
"Thanks for sharing your story Ms. Roché. Though I have never experienced this, I definitely appreciate you sharing your story with us. Good Stuff"
Tuesday, February 28,2012 | report as abuse - James Williams
"I first had my Impostor Syndrome moment when I was getting ready to finish medical school. It was a difficult phase but by the grace of God I was able to prevail. Thanks for sharing yours "
Sunday, February 26,2012 | report as abuse - Rhonda Thompson
"When I first entered your website I was not familiar with the Impostor Syndrome, but now I can share it with my friends. "
Friday, February 24,2012 | report as abuse - Shelli O'Connor
"I discovered your site from Facebook and I really enjoyed reading about your story. I was curious about what "Impostor Syndrome" was so I decided to look into it. I was pleasantly surpassed. "
Wednesday, February 22,2012 | report as abuse - Jay Cummingham
"Joyce you are fantastic! I love your story, and it is so uplifting! Keep being the superstar that you are!"
Wednesday, February 22,2012 | report as abuse - Cheryl Bryant
"Ms. Roche,

Your message is one of a kind and very powerful. You are a beacon to those who have felt inferior in some sort of way, shape, or form. Thanks"
Tuesday, February 21,2012 | report as abuse - Eric Young
"Hey Joyce! I'm your friend from twitter and just wanted to say hello and to tell you that I love what you are doing! You are such an inspiration and keep up those awesome posts!! :-)"
Monday, February 20,2012 | report as abuse - Shantel J.
"Hi Joyce,

I've been researching the Impostor Syndrome for some time and I stumbled across your website in Google and I was pleasantly surprised. There are so many women like myself who have to deal with this on a day-to-day basis, and I find comfort knowing someone knows what I'm going through. I just want you to know that if you haven't touched anyone else, you have definitely left an impact on my life. -Vanessa"
Monday, February 20,2012 | report as abuse - Vanessa
"Hi Ms. Rochè,

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I can't wait to purchase your book when it comes out. I"m sure that it will sell a lot "
Monday, February 20,2012 | report as abuse - Emile Johnson
Saturday, February 18,2012 | report as abuse - Triana H

Your message is very much relevant to so many people. Keep up the outstanding work and your website is very attractive. Thanks"
Thursday, February 16,2012 | report as abuse - Vincent Choy
"Very nice site & I really learned a lot exploring it. I'm looking forward to the release of your book. "
Sunday, February 12,2012 | report as abuse - James Davis
"Great posts on Facebook Joyce! Love this articles"
Sunday, February 12,2012 | report as abuse - Sherry Green
"Thanks Ms. Roché for sharing your story with us. You are an inspiration to all women, and not just women of color. Keep up the great work"
Sunday, February 12,2012 | report as abuse - Rebecca Harris
"HELLO JOYCE! My friend Nancy has been bragging about you for a while now and I had to see what it was all about for myself. I must say that I'm SUPER IMPRESSED with your story and you are AMAZING! Keep pushing forth because you are touching people's lives. "
Friday, February 10,2012 | report as abuse - Vanessa Green
"Hi Ms. Rochè,

Your story is really an inspiration, especially to someone of color such as myself. I always felt like I wasn't supposed to be in certain positions in the workplace no matter how hard I worked. Now I see that I'm not the only one who has gone through this. I would love to hear you speak. Best, Branden"
Friday, February 10,2012 | report as abuse - Branden Washington

I ran across your website page from Facebook and I decided to take a look at the website. I can't wait for the book release and I will share with all of my friends. "
Friday, February 10,2012 | report as abuse - Nancy M. Harris
"Hi Joyce,

I actually stubbled across your website from a post on twitter and I was pleasantly surprised. Congratulations on overcoming the Impostor Syndrome & well wishes"
Thursday, February 09,2012 | report as abuse - Gretchen Grant
"Joyce, you are going to uplift and inspire a lot of people through this community. Many will recognize themselves in your struggles and I hope it will lead us all to a place where we can live in the moment and be happy and content in our achievements and not looking over our shoulders. Congratulations and thank you for continuing to empower all of us to the best we can be!"
Tuesday, November 29,2011 | report as abuse - Lynn Hepburn
"OMG! I can't believe you too experienced the imposter syndrome. This has been my "secret" going back to high school--trying to meet the high expectations of family, teachers, and my community, through graduate school, and my long career. No matter how much I have achieved, I still can seem to shake my insecurities. Thank you so much, my dear friend, for helping me claim the joys of my success!"
Tuesday, November 29,2011 | report as abuse - Carolyn Powell
"Hi Joyce! I'm excited about this collaborative project and I look forward to the final product. I would have never dreamed that YOU had "imposter moments", but I can identify. I'm not sure if it's tied to culture, gender or age; but I have found myself having to work "double duty" and at times "triple duty" to feel "validated" for being where I am. I know you will empower us all with this book! Best wishes!"
Friday, November 25,2011 | report as abuse - LaKisha Bryant
"Hi Joyce! Your story is very enlightening. Although, I would not have imagined in a million years that you ever thought you were an imposter. I have looked up to you and shared your success with others for as long as I can remember. So, to hear that you share the same thoughts that I often have definitely makes me feel more secure. This is an awesome site and I can't wait to read more and be empowered!"
Thursday, November 24,2011 | report as abuse - Lisa Hicks
"Congratulation Joyce, I look forward to the book."
Monday, November 14,2011 | report as abuse - Velta Simms
"The value of sharing ones experiences with other women will make one able to feel good about themselves and help other women. No one is an island alone and no one can solve ones insecurities/problems without friends help. Help is listening, help is sharing help is solving problems together.
I was a senior VP of new product development world wide for Revlon and the only women reporting to the than president of Revlon international. I sure missed not having other women on the president's staff. Comunicating with other females in the industry, on my level, is what help me succeed. "
Sunday, November 13,2011 | report as abuse - Gabriella Pellinger